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Shug Dog For Sale

A Shug is a cross-breed of a Pug and a German shepherd. If you’re looking for an intelligent pet that gets along with strangers and it’s happy and cheerful; get Shug dogs, as it displays all these traits and many more. The excellent aspect of this dog is that one of its parents, the German Shepherds ranks top as one of the most famous dogs with the Americans.

Although Shug is an intelligent dog just like its parents, if the Pug trait inherited is dominant, it won’t make an efficient watchdog. On a positive note, this cross-breeds shares a good rapport with all kids regardless of their age. Also, you need to train it a bit on socializing before allowing your dog to interact with other pets.

The other important thing to note is that this dog may display the stubborn and strong-willed traits inherited from its Pug parent, but it won’t get aggressive. While maintaining Shut’s dog can be tedious, in this article we have disused why it is undoubtedly a good designer dog which is tremendously gaining popularity.

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