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Shepadoodle Dog For Sale

The Shepadoodle is one of the super-breeds in the world of cross-breeds. These beautiful hybrid pooches are the result of the two very intelligent breeds – the German shepherd and the Standard Poodle. The result is a bright, easily tameable, and extremely eager to please pup (in other words, a perfect pet!)

The Shepadoodle is very comfortable with children and very loyal to their family. They are delightful and confident pups are equally alert that can warn the strangers making them awesome watch/guard dogs. They are very strong and active dogs that require a daily dose of exercise and can be easily susceptible to fatness and boredom due to lack of physical activity.

In the coming pages, you will get a clear idea of the various details such as the trainability, temperament, diet, and maintenance of these gorgeous pups, helping you to decide whether this is the ideal dog for you and your family.