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Scottish Terrier Dog For Sale

The Scottish terrier has a long history, but the true origin of the terrier has not been determined until 1882 when the standard was established. Small as it is, it has great strength. He has appeared on television many times, such as in the Disney film “lady and the TRAMP” in the role of an immortal gentleman image, which is one of the few movie star Dog. It is said that Franklin Delano Roosevelt once owned a Scottish terrier.
The Scottish terrier is small, compact, strong, and full of bone. Thick Bristles, rough in texture, hanging on both sides of the body and short limbs, can resist the bad weather. These features, together with the characteristic warmth, the charming mischievous expression, and the erect ears and tail, are its distinguishing features. It has an outstanding appearance, but also has a very outstanding courage and authority, self-confidence and calm temperament.

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