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Scoodle Dog For Sale

Scoodle dog is the perfect choice for you in case you love the temperament of the Scottish Terrier but don't like the Terrier's coat. Created by crossing the Poodle along with the Scottish Terrier, the Scoodle dog comes with the Poodle's intelligence, coat, and eagerness to please his or her master. On the other hand, the dog obtains its calmness and sturdiness from the Scottish Terrier. The Scoodle dog is always a loyal and loving dog and makes for a great indoor, especially apartment dog.

These dogs need to have a moderate amount of exercise and daily walks to keep them healthy and happy. They also love to play with toys, which means that a fetch game will keep him or her excited and active. They always like to be with their families and, therefore, don't take separation lightly.

Moreover, Scoodle dogs are said to be very attentive and protective of their owners and families, excelling as excellent watchdogs. They continue to be vocal, especially when they see a stranger.

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