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Rottle Dog For Sale

The Rottle is a cross-breed dog that has been produced by the hybridization of the Rottweiler and Toy Poodle. They are said to be intelligent, playful, and are always eager to please. These dogs, no doubt, have inherited some of the best qualities from their parents.

It should be noted that Rottles are called by several different names - including Rottidoodle and Rottipoo. Even though they are categorized as designer dogs, you can still find them at your nearest dog shelter or rescue center if you plan on adopting one.

These dogs look adorable and can be excellent apartment dogs - especially for urban dwellers. They can thrive indoors with either small or large families, and they're quite intelligent as well. Moreover, they like to be around humans, especially children, and love to be cuddled with. Training them wouldn't be a problem; however, it's suggested that you start the process at an early age for them to become disciplined.