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Rattle Dog For Sale

The Rattle breed is a medium-sized dog that is neither too big nor too small. You can always find room for it in your home, even if it’s in an apartment. This dog is always happy, smart, and curious to discover new things. While it has admirable characteristics, it also comes with a price. You need to also dedicate some good time for it as its desire for affection is a little higher and wants to shine and be recognized. Therefore, if you are a very busy person at home or spend long hours away working, you may not fit well with this breed.

The rattle breed is vocal; he will bark at any suspicious movement that he feels you need to check on. He might at times also bark at anything for the sake of it. What you need to know is that his barking is also louder than other breeds of his size and might be an issue with your neighbors. This is the only challenge of living with Rattle in an apartment with tight rules.

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