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Pushon Dog For Sale

Pushon is not a purebred dog. Pushon is a cross between a beagle and a pug. So pushon is a real family type of dog. It means pushon likes to do everything with you, including playing outside. In fact, one of pushon's favorite things to do is curl up in his lap and watch TV.

If you open the door and let pushon run free, pushon will be disappointed. However, it also means that if you can't spend a lot of time with pushon, pushon may develop separation anxiety. This is never a good thing, because pushon often translates into bad behaviors, such as chewing and barking. In fact, you have to train pushon to use it only when it's important, otherwise pushon will remind you of every little thing. However, don't worry about training pushon to become too calm and lose the tendency to be a watchdog. You can never really get a watchdog out of trouble.