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Pug zu Dog For Sale

Pug Zu is a small hybrid dog variety, which is very suitable for most people living in small spaces such as apartments. Pug Zu has a good temperament and is more easygoing, which is why they are loved by anyone, whether adults or children. Pug Zu is very suitable for people who are first parents of dogs because they are lively and friendly and have low aggression. In addition, Pug Zu is well with children, which means Pug Zu is the perfect pet for the family. Not all Pug Zu are 50% pure and 50% pure. Some Pug Zu may be the result of multi generation hybridization.

Shih Tzu needs a lot of personal attention every day. Pug Zu thrives on human company and is easily spoiled. Pug Zu likes to train and learn skills, making them the center of attention. Shih Tzu should have been with children early, but they like people of different ages. You don't expect your pug Zu to watch the house, he may welcome a thief with his claws open.

Pug Zu's owner said that Pug Zu is very personalized, naughty and friendly, and is a good variety of family pets. Pug Zu likes to eat and is very smart, though sometimes arrogant. Sometimes Pug Zu develops into puppy syndrome, although it's a rare pug and usually not a problem. They are loyal, curious and like to be with people. Pug Zu is stubborn sometimes, but he is mostly curious, sweet and happy.

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