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Poogle Dog For Sale

The Poogle is a cross hybrid breed dog. This breed is created by a crossover of the Poodle and the purebred Beagle, they may also go by many other names of Poodle and Beagle, includedwith the nomenclature of Doodle.

The Poogle is categorized as a designer and hybrid dog, they can range in size, which would depend on its parent’s size. The Poogle is small in size and looks like a miniature toy. They are one of the dog breeds which are very much affectionate and steady. The Poogle has a soft coat and can also excel in becoming a watchdog and agility companion for your home.

When it comes to its appearance the Poogle is like its parents, this includes their coat with variations in color. They have large, round and dark eyes with sad looks and expressions with floppy medium-size ears hanging down. The Poogle has a medium-sized nose which can be brown or black in color, they have medium to short hair length with curls like its parents.