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Pom Shi Dog For Sale

POM Shi is a cross between Pomeranian dog and Shiba Inu. The parents of this interesting hybrid have some similarities: the unknown or mysterious date of origin, but it is believed that dogs with hunting and herding missions over the past few centuries are POM Shi's strengths and are currently very, very popular companion breeds in today's society. In addition to these similarities, POM Shi has many common qualities of temperament, intelligence and self-confidence, which makes POM Shi behave like a bigger dog. And, thanks to POM Shi's natural agility, you don't be surprised to see your pet take on unexpected positions!

When a POM Shi has the characteristics of both father and mother, POM Shi is a sociable, alert and loyal dog. Some POM Shi may become nervous and nagging, while others are completely calm and balanced. Most reputable breeders of purebred dogs never intentionally breed famous dog hybrids. Reputable dog breeders often swear from POM Shi's bitches breeding club to breed only for breed improvement, not polyculture.

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