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Pembroke Welsh Corgie Dog For Sale

Corgi is short in body and strong in strength. It gives the impression of a strong physique, full of vitality, high-quality bones, and excellent endurance. It is one of the most popular small watchdogs, friendly in nature, brave and bold, and not timid. Not cruel. The personality is gentle, but don't force it to accept things it doesn't want to accept. Its wisdom is unquestionable, and it is also quite alert, able to guard its home with a high degree of vigilance.
The fur of the Corgi is very easy to care for, and it only needs simple grooming every week. He has a gentle personality and likes to be with children. Of course, children need to play with it under the care of adults. I love sports by nature, so I need to do a lot of outdoor sports and play every day. Lively by nature, he likes to bark, so he needs to be trained from an early age to train him not to bark or bite.

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