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Ori Pei Dog For Sale

Ori Pei is a hybrid dog made of pug and Sha-pei. This toy Ori Pei has a pug-like appearance with moderate wrinkles. Ori Pei has a strong body with a huge round head, a square tone, and black eyes. Thin ears turn slightly on the head in the shape of roses or buttons. Ori Pei's tail is tightly curled on its back, and it has an outstanding personality like a pug.

Ori Pei is smart, naughty, loving and easy to connect with family. Ori Pei can be stubborn at times, but not aggressive. Ori Pei is easy to train, and ori Pei likes to please its owners by learning new skills. Ori Pei is not very active and likes to stay indoors, play with toys and even sleep.

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