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Muggin Dog For Sale

Muggin is a naughty dog with a cheerful disposition. Muggin is very loving and will form a close relationship with his favorite and hope to be around him all the time. Although the mixed blood is small, he will have a lot of energy and a lot of activities. Fortunately, muggin usually gets along with children and other dogs, making them a good family pet.

As mentioned earlier, muggin is a cross between pug and Miniature Pinscher. They have short stature, long and strong legs, soft ears and wrinkled brows. Like all hybrids, all first generation dogs look different. Some may be more like min pin, while others may be more like pugs. Some may have a stronger Pug body and short tail needles. You can also have a pug with a curly tail and a min pin body. The nose can be short or long, and the ears are heavy and soft, small and thin.