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Mastiff Dog For Sale

Mastiff, there are also people called Napoléon in China, is one of the largest dog species. It is said to have been brought to Britain by the Persians from Egypt, where it was bred and shaped.
In ancient times, the dog's main role was to assist people in pushing wooden carts and fighting, guarding, fighting and other aspects of animal sports, like the band. The dog’s coat is short and hard, and its color is mainly Fawn, peach or Brown. Tail and ears drooping. Black eyes, black nose.
Although its huge body, faces ferociousness, the character loyal stable, intelligent, extremely kind to people, especially like to play with children. In foreign countries, is regarded as a member of the family, is an emotional family dog. The mastiff loves nature and needs plenty of space for running, so it’s not suitable for a family living in an apartment.

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