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Malinois Dog For Sale

Malinois dogs are famous companions for soldiers and law enforcement officers. They have a robust muscular system and can be tall enough to intimidate the criminals. Their characteristic is the pointy ears that can get high up to several centimeters. Malinois are lovable dogs. They first appeared in Belgium, where they kept company to people living on the outskirts. Some shepherds also used the services of Malinois dogs to take care of their sheep and other cattle they raised.

It is definite that these dogs enjoy the human presence and are less reluctant to training compared to many other dogs you can find online. Their race rarely does breed with any other. That is why Malinois dogs have a pure pedigree and are generally more expensive to acquire from official breeders. These dogs have a powerful and loud barking voice threatening all people who try to sneak into your property.

Malinois is the type of dog that needs less treatment compared to others. They are lovable and can be frightening at the same time for people with suspicious minds. It seems like they get along well with children and other dog races.

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