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Lhasa Poo Dog For Sale

Lhasa Poo is the offspring of the Chinese Emperor’s Royal Dog; today, however, it is a faithful companion. During the breed’s time as a royal puppy, Lhasa Poo was a palace guard. Although the breed is small, these dogs are known for their independence and endurance.

The Majesty of Lhasa Poo makes Lhasa Poo both elegant and serious. These dogs are outgoing, comical, and charming owners of Lhasa Poo. Thanks to Lhasa Poo’s watch dog root, Lhasa Poo needs to be socialized to reduce or prevent Lhasa Poo’s aggressive tendencies. Because Lhasa Poo is very alert and wants to protect himself, if anything is potentially dangerous to Lhasa Poo, Lhasa Poo will bark. The training could help Lhasa Poo distinguish between typical home sounds and noises that might signal trouble. If well trained, Lhasa Poo can be quiet and respectful of apartment dogs.

Lhasa Poo does look like a cute furry breed of dog, and most people buy one just for that. Hasa Poo needs and deserves a great and patient boss, someone who will put in a lot of effort in training and give Hasa Poo a lot of love. Hasa Poo may have a lovely and interesting personality, but only if its owner properly cares about Hasa Poo. Understanding the grooming and training needs of Lhasa Poo is an important step to having a surprisingly loyal friend.

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