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Jug Dog For Sale

The jug is not a pure breed; it is a hybrid of a Jack Russell Terrier and pug. They have the basic features of the parent pug. But they have a slightly longer nose in comparison to a pug so that they have lesser chances of breathing problems as faced by the pug. Jug dogs have become quite popular breeds in the last ten years. Cross-breeding has been done to decrease the chances of genetic diseases that are common in pure breed pugs.

The first cross offsprings are bound to have the best results in terms of the occurrence of genetic disorders. They are very friendly in nature and affectionate dogs. But at the same time, you will see they are fearless dogs. So dogs even inherit the hunting instinct from their parent Jack Russell. They love to go out and are highly energetic. They are fun to have around in the family as a companion. They bark a lot and do not like to stay alone; so they may show separation anxiety. At an early stage, they must be trained and taught to socialize.