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Japanese Chin Dog For Sale

The Japanese Chin has a large, wide, flat head. The nose is wide and short. The bridge of the nose is prominent, and the nose is at eye level. The black eyes are large and round and correspond across the nose. Two triangular ears. With long hair falling symmetrically, it shows the beauty and loveliness of Zhong Dog. The dog has a square body, short neck, upturned back, short and straight back, and is covered with rich, long, and straight hair, which hangs down like silk. AD 732. The North Korean imperial family sent the ancestor of a Japanese spaniel, the Lhasa apso (Chinese Bird Hound), to the Nisi Court. The breed later developed in Japan. In the 19th century. The breed was exported to the United States and England, where it was bred by breeders for many years and distributed widely. The Japanese spaniel is graceful and has a light and elastic gait. Tough, lively, alert, a bit noisy. Be loyal to your master and distrust strangers.

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