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Jack Russell Terrier Dog For Sale

The Jack Russell Terrier originated in the 19th century, is a white terrier from southern England. It is used primarily to hunt European red foxes above and below ground. It is named after its trainer, the Reverend Jack Russell. The dog is agile, alert, confident, and cheerful. Always full of vitality, its greatest charm should be intelligent, enthusiastic, patient, and good temperament.
Although most of the world's breed clubs do not yet recognize Jack Russell as a separate breed, its many virtues will not be lost on the show. That may be more to the advantage of its fans. As a working terrier, the Jack Russell terrier has a balanced body length and shoulder height ratio; Medium size, moderate bone mass, explosive power and endurance. This breed values its natural appearance and no pruning is allowed. The rough coat can withstand the harsh weather, the structure of the coat is tight, but the overall outline looks simple and generous.

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