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Jack a bee Dog For Sale

Jack a bee is a great pet, as long as you are prepared for the energy level and a certain degree of independence. Jack a bee is naughty, affectionate, loving, loyal, smart, agile, lively and outgoing. Jack a bee can be stubborn at times. She's a bold little dog. Sometimes she gets into trouble. Jackbea and a watchdog can be a sport. Jack a bee likes to have fun and do things. Sometimes it's funny and sometimes it's naughty. Although she will love everyone in her family, sometimes Jack a bee is closer to her host.

Jack a bee is a small and medium-sized dog that is 16 inches tall and weighs 12 to 30 pounds. She's bigger and rounder than Jack Russell. Jack a bee has a flat head, can have a medium ear drop or short ears, more like a hound and a face, often more like a beagle. Jack a bee's eyes are big and brown. The tail can also be as long as a beagle to as short as Jack Russell. Jack a bee's fur is short, smooth and rough, usually Tan, white, black, brown, red and cream.

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