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Italian Greyhound Dog For Sale

The Italian greyhound, as its name suggests, originated in Italy. This dog in the past belongs to the smallest hound, people mostly use it for hunting rabbits, hunting pheasants and other hunting work, later with the development of society, hunting activities are increasingly rare, people also began to be attracted by its small and lovely appearance, began to breed as a family pet dog.
One of the most prominent lovers of Italian greyhounds is King Frederick II of Prussia, who built a tomb for all the dead Italian greyhounds and buried himself in the giant Italian greyhound. Another famous novelist, Paul Du Plessis, was also buried with his Italian Greyhound.
It is not difficult to see from here, at that time, how the Italian Greyscale had a transcendent social status. The dog has since gained admirers in other countries, including the United States and Europe, and remains popular to this day.

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