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Irish Red-And-White Setter Dog For Sale

The Irish red and white Setter is native to Ireland and is of the same lineage as the Irish Setter, so the two are quite similar in appearance, except that the red and white setter has a wider head than the Setter and a stronger build. From the name can know its meaning, that is, the coat color is white background plus red spots. The Irish red and white dog is similar to the Irish spaniel to which it is related. It takes far more time to train than most other gun dogs and, once trained, can be a very reliable companion.
Because Irish Red-And-White Setter is friendly and loving towards life, especially at a young age, these traits tend to make them more vulnerable to injury than other quiet dogs. These dogs have a keen sense of taste and, when put to work, make efficient, enthusiastic gun-hounds. Generally suitable for children, can adapt to cold climate, needs regular grooming, easy to get along with other dogs, needs a lot of physical training. The dog character is very lively and active, likes to play. Emotional excitable, very enthusiastic and energetic, independent, agile, has a very keen sense of smell, love, happy, more suitable as a companion dog. Can adapt to the cold climate, but also can get along well with other dogs.

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