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Irish Doodle Dog For Sale

Looking for a family-friendly, easy to train dog breed that will give you company with outdoor exercises, the Irish doodle will bring joy in your life. It's also known to have many aliases in different places such as the Irish Poo Setter, Irish Doodle Setter, or Irish Setter Doodle, signifying how much dog lovers adore them. The Irish Doodle is a lovely pet, with admirable qualities, light-hearted and a medium-sized body.

Another reason you may love the mix of Irish Setter and Poodle is that it sheds rarely and won't be a hygiene bother. This dog is perfect for a home with children and other pets as it gets along very well and rarely barks. Their lovely attitude and adorable looks make them irresistible and popular. Unlike other dogs that need too much attention without reciprocating, you will be one missing it every time you are away. Hence, if the Irish Doodle matches your dream pet, you can be assured it won't let you down.