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Icelandic Sheepdog Dog For Sale

The Icelandic dog is native to Iceland and originated in the 17th century. Nicknamed the Icelandic Sheepdog, the Friar Dog, the only indigenous breed of Iceland. Brought to Iceland by Scandinavian settlers around 874 to 930 AD, the Icelandic dog and its way of working are so well adapted to the local terrain and pasturage that icelanders, struggling for survival for centuries, have come to regard it as an essential pasturage herder. Some people say that the Icelandic dog was introduced to Iceland by the Norwegians and call it the Friar. The ancestor of the Icelandic dog is probably the Norwegian Sheepdog. Like the Norwegian sheepdog, it looks similar to other kinds of fox dogs, and the Icelandic dog is mainly a sheepdog rather than a hound.

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