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Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Dog For Sale

The Greater Switzerland mountain dog is a breed designed by humans. A striking, trichromatic, large, powerful, and firm - looking dog. The largest of the four species of Swiss mountain dogs, it has a smooth coat and a long tail that is always trailing behind it. As with other types, the coat color is mainly black and tan, and the tan area is bounded by black or white spots. The white spots extend to the chest, as well as the toes and the end of the tail.
The Greater Swiss mountain dog, commonly known in Europe as Grosser Schweizer Sennenhund, is the oldest and largest of the four Breeds of Redis, including the Bernice mountain dog. The ancestor of the Swiss dog is said to have been brought by the Romans in the first century BC. In Switzerland, where Bernard dogs are at the peak of their popularity, the greater Swiss mountain dog was once thought to be extinct. In 1908, the first study of mountain dogs at the institute of Mountain Dogs, Dr Albert Heim, discovered dogs, bred them, and eventually succeeded in increasing their Numbers. The dog was approved by FCI in 1939.