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Great Pyrenees Dog For Sale

Great Pyrenees is one of the most powerful dog breeds today, and the Great Pyrenees is a showy breed with a proud samurai personality. In the process of breeding in the past, much of this personality has been consciously eliminated, while retaining its patience, nobility, and courage. However, if its territory is invaded, it will still go into a defensive state. Due to its large size, it is not suitable for living in urban areas without wide fields and space.
The Great Pyrenees, as it is known in continental Europe, has been working for humans for centuries, and no other breed can match it. In the alpine meadows, great pygmy dogs have developed the qualities of loyalty, protection, and understanding of human intentions. Before many animals have been released, great pygmy dogs have become a kind of sheepdog, often used to drive away bears or wolves that attack sheep. Confident, affectionate, courageous, and loyal to his master, Great Pyrenees is calm in protecting its family and herd.

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