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Great Bernese Dog For Sale

The Great Bernese is a purebred, mountain dog that is extremely versatile and was discovered first in Switzerland's farmlands. They were mainly developed to pull carts, herd cattle, be loyal companions while also acting as watchdogs. They are also one of the four different types of Swiss mountain dogs and the only dog type that comes with long hair.

The dog is called Great Bernese because they come from the Canton of Bern. They are large and sturdy, along with a friendly and calm nature. As a result, they are obedient and are incredibly loyal.

The Great Bernese is a fantastic dog for a novice dog owner, mainly because they are intelligent, friendly, and quite easy to train. However, amateur dog owners should keep in mind that the Great Bernese is a large dog, and therefore handling it can be a lot tougher than it looks. They don't like to stay inside confined spaces, shed a lot of hair, and even drool a lot. The Great Bernese can prove to be a fantastic watchdog and is quite gentle towards other animals when appropriately trained.