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Goldendoodle Dog For Sale

When it comes to dogs and beauty, you cannot miss mentioning the Goldendoodle. Contrary to common belief, the Goldendoodle, unlike other purely bred canines, is a mix between two breeds. As the name suggests, this is a hybrid dog that was intentionally bred between two purebred breeds of dogs. As all designer dogs would be bred for specific characteristics and traits, so was the Goldendoodle. So, what were the breeders looking to achieve in a Goldendoodle?

Ideally, the aim was to combine the temperament and personality of the Golden Retrievers who are not only lovable but beautiful as well. To complete the Goldendoodle, the breeders completed the combination with the low-shed characteristics found in a poodle.

Hence, the Goldendoodle, which is a medium-sized dog was born. If you closely take a look at the Goldendoodle, you will see a speck of both dogs in the traits as well as appearance. For instance, the Goldendoodle has a low-shedding coat, borrowed from the Golden Retrievers, as well as the friendliness and intelligent nature, only found in Poodles. The outcome is a dog that is not only easy to train but friendly and sweet, making it the perfect family dog.

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