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Golden Pyrenees Dog For Sale

Created due to the crossing between Golden Retriever and the Great Pyrenees, the Golden Pyrenees is a very loving and affectionate dog. It's only because of its activity level and sheer size, and it's quite challenging to keep this type of dog inside closed apartment spaces. Since they like moving around, they are best developed in a large home. Moreover, the Golden Pyrenees also require owners who can expertly handle them; otherwise, they're prone to being more stubborn over time.

They are usually very gentle and caring for their owners, and would love to play with anyone, including other pets, that can give them the required attention. However, even with their friendly nature, they tend to be wary around strangers and therefore be vocal about the same.

Their coat can be defined as fluffy and soft, and they require exercise daily. Moreover, they are also high in maintenance, which is why the owner should always stay on top of their overall grooming schedule.