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Golden Labrador Dog For Sale

Termed as devoted, loving, and energetic, the Golden Labrador, otherwise known as Goldador, is a mixed breed dog that is particularly hailed for its good nature and well trainability. The dog can be defined as a cross between the Labrador Retriever and the Golden Retriever, thereby leading to the Golden Labrador formation. This is why this dog breed has been able to obtain some of the best traits from each of its parents.

Golden Labradors tend to make great family members as they're very naturally interactive with kids and can socialize with other pet types. However, their instinct to befriend anyone rules them out as a good watchdog. Apart from that, they're affectionate and friendly and can turn out to be great companions for amateur pet parents. Golden Labradors like to please their owners and that is why they are easy to train. However, due to high energy levels, it may be difficult to get their complete attention on getting any task done. Golden Labradors also grow up to be strong dogs at maturity, therefore leash training is a must.