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Goberian Dog For Sale

Do you want to keep a Goberian? The mixed breed of Siberian Husky and Golden Retriever gave us an energetic, smart, and friendly dog breed called the Goberian. They inherit their parents' both the best qualities. Goberians are family dogs, they are renewed with good temperament, friendliness, and would love being around you. They are excellent companions and best friends for you and your family.

If you don’t like your Goberian becoming antisocial, you need to give them proper exercise. They love jumping, hiking, and walking in the park. You can always adopt one from your nearest rescues and shelter, hence would recommend adopting instead of shopping, if you're planning to expand your family with Goberian.

The Goberians are considered to be a large dog breed, which can height between twenty to twenty-four inches with a reasonable weight of forty-five to ninety pounds. The weight can depend on their age, which could be a puppy, adult, or senior. Their life span is considered to be ten to fifteen years.

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