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German Short-haired Pointer Dog For Sale

The German Short-haired Pointer originated in the 18th century. It used to be a color variant of the German long-haired dog, and also originated from the medieval long-haired bird hound. In 1908, the German Long-haired Dog Association excluded black and white color variants from the breeding program and allowed them to crossbreed with Newfoundland, Irish and Gordon Setters. The origin of the Pointer is Germany and it originated in the 18th century. Early German Pointer Hounds were derived from a variety of other breeds, such as German Foxhounds, Bloodhounds, English Pointer Hounds, Polish Water Dogs, German Shepherds, Griffins, etc. Therefore, this dog has multiple hunting skills, such as land and water, and its performance can satisfy hunters. It was first recognized in Germany in 1870. Recognized by AKC in 1920.