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Frengle Dog For Sale

French is a cross between French bulldog and beagle. Frengle is a gentle, alert, cheerful and energetic dog. Although frengle responded well to the training, you should know that the dog may have a stubborn character, which may need patience and kindness to overcome. Frengle is a good family dog. Frengle likes children and gets along well with other pets. Be sure to socialize with frengle when he is young. This will be based on frengle's self-confidence. You will benefit from an outgoing dog who is willing to please. These puppies are attractive, strong and ideal partners.

Frengle is a kind of amorous, intelligent and naughty dog with rich personality. Frengle's calm and gentle nature makes him a great companion. Frengle is known as a gentle and even temper breed. Frengle is a good family dog. Frengle's beagle pedigree makes frengle friendly and fun. Frengle will like to run around and play games with children. In other words, the hunting origin of frengle means that if frengle has the main characteristics of Beagle, frengle may need a lot of exercise. Frengle may not have the stamina and energy of a beagle, but frengle makes up for that with his cool temperament and funny personality. The combination of the two makes a fun and reliable family pet.

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