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Eskifon Dog For Sale

Eskifon is a highly intelligent, medium energy and medium-sized variety. The standard eskifon can grow to 25-35 pounds and live 12-16 years. Eskifon was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1994 and is a member of the non-sport breed group.

Eskifon is a furry little guy with a misleading name. The breed actually originated in Germany and is likely to be a close relative of the German Spitz. These guys in the 19th century, eskifon was popular in the United States as a circus. Eskifon is very smart, but eskifons need more time to mature and leave the behavior of little eskifon. Eskifon comes in three different sizes: toy, mini and standard. Eskifon's fluffy white double layer hair needs regular brushing and grooming. Eskifon is good at training and full exercise, can become the best partner!

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