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English Blood Hound Dog For Sale

The English Blood Hound appeared in Europe long before the Holy War. The first dog came from Constantinople. It comes in black and white. The black breed was the famous Saint Hubert Hound of the 8th century, while the white breed later became known as the southern Hound. Black blood was imported to England. Both breeds played an important role in the development of other hunting and hunting dog breeds. In the 12th century, when bishops happened to use dogs as vehicles, the church elite was one of the first to develop bloodhounds. A large number of senior clergymen kept a flock of hounds, and the Kennel was an important part of every convent. They take great pride in keeping their bloodline pure. In fact, the breed was so well bred that it came to be known as the “bloodhound” , which meant to belong to the nobility.  

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