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Dorkie Dog For Sale

Dorkie is a small tiny breed of dogs, which needs lots of attention, I bet you will give it. This adorable petite pooch has a big attitude issue with a big heart that will win you love and care as your best pal.

Dorkie is a mixed breed dog whose parents are feisty Yorkshire Terrier and Dachshund. Predicting its natural personality and looks cannot be accurate but it mostly inherits traits from both of its parents. The Doxies are affectionate dogs with a sweet nature, which tends to make a fondness to their special family and its members.

The Dorkie is an affectionate breed, of an ideal companion because of their sweet nature. It has a combination of low activity needs, which also makes Dorkie a perfect pet for singles and retired people. I would not suggest Dorkie as a pet to the family who has toddler as they tend to play a bit ruff and Dorkie will not like it at all. To learn more by continuing to read.

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