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Dogue de Bordeaux Dog For Sale

The Bordeaux region of France was once ruled by the British, and the local bloodhounds crossed with English Masters and their Spanish counterparts to produce this powerful, ferocious Dogue de Bordeaux.
The Dogue de Bordeaux is closer to this ancient breed than the English Mastiff. As a working dog, the Dogue de Bordeaux was first used for hunting wild boars and bears in the south of France and later for cattle ranching. Due to its bravery, the Dogue de Bordeaux was used to lure animals and pet dogs. Until 1989 it was with Tom. Hanks appeared on American screens together, and the Dogue de Bordeaux was known outside France for its endearingly powerful features. Alertness and threat to strangers. The dog has a large, ruffled head that gives an aggressive impression. It is short and well cut off. The oval eyes are widely spaced with a distinct upper ridge. The ears are small and upright, slightly surrounding the ears.