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Dogo Argentino Dog For Sale

Dogo Argentino, also known as Argentine Mastiff, its Latin name Dogo means bulldog in Spanish and is one of the best breeds to be bred in South America. This fierce and impressive breed was originally bred for hunting in packs.
Breeders of Argentina in the 1920 s, Antonio, that Dr. Martin to guard defense, hunting, fierce puma the manor and rampant in America wild boar guard dog, the varieties were bred hound (Argentina is an agricultural country, wild boar and puma often let Argentine loss and risk, the other Argentina does not produce panthers). Dr. Martinez USES Spanish Pitbulls, Spanish mastiffs, Great Danes, an ancient bull terrier, bulldog, and boxer to produce the powerful Dugo. Du Gao has very strong endurance, and its white coat reflects heat rather than absorbing it. Fighting dog events are still popular in many parts of South America and around the world, and the Dugo is a great draw for pit dog organizers and enthusiasts.