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Daug Dog For Sale

The Daug dog is an adorable, loving hybrid of the Pug and the Dachshund breeds. Daug dog is quite famous for its characters - affectionate, brilliant, loving, and alert, yet a little silly and funny at times. They mingle quite well with people of any age. All they expect is a lot of love and attention from the owners. Daugs are generally in better health than their purebred parent breeds. They have an average lifespan of 12-15 years.

The members of this cross-breed family are easy to maintain and own as they don’t need much physical exercise, can be groomed and trained easily. Nonetheless, you will be required to start training early, particularly if there are kids or other pets at home.

The peculiar thing about the Daug dog is that they tend to inherit unpredictable amounts of mannerisms and genetic qualities from both the parent breeds. Hence it is recommended to go through the complete profile of both the parents before choosing to own this pup.