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Chorkie Dog For Sale

The Chorkie is a mini livewire, a tiny cross-breed with the confidence and boldness of a large dog. It is a hybrid produced by the crossing of Chihuahua and Yorkshire Terrier breeds. This is a dynamic and playful companion pup that takes over the boastfulness from both the parents breed - attentive and defensive through its terrier heritage, and the fondness for barking from the Chihuahua.

Even though Chorkies are known to be affectionate pets, they are not very insecure about their owners and can tolerate intermittent separation from them, particularly if they have another doggie to play with.

Because of their super-small size, they are very much suitable as indoor pets and can get their share of required exercise inside the house. Nevertheless, they do need a person who can dedicate some time to play on an everyday basis, otherwise, they tend to become bored and misbehave. Even though these are tiny dogs, they are quick to develop high attitudes of themself if not handled in a dominating way and will start ignoring and rebellious towards their lenient or diffident owner.

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