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Chion Dog For Sale

The Chion dog is a mixed breed dog that has been hybridized between the Papillon and the Chihuahua dog breeds. Chion dogs are petite in terms of looks, have a playful character, and tend to be extremely loyal. No wonder they have inherited some of the best qualities from their parents.

It should be noted that Chions generally go by several types of names, including Chi-a-Pap, Pap-Chi, and Papihuahua. Even though they're marked as 'designer breeds,' you can still find them at most dog shelters and other rescue centers, especially if you’re planning to adopt one.

These adorable pooches can indeed make a great apartment companion, especially if you're living in a bustling metropolitan city. Moreover, they're also suited towards a single person or small households. Even though they're small dogs, they have a big personality and can efficiently act as alert dogs to keep you safe and secure from your surroundings.

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