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Chinese Crested Dog Dog For Sale

The Chinese crested dog is one of the few hairless breeds left in the world. Its name has Chinese characters in it, but it is said that it did not originate in China. Some say it originated in Mexico, while others say it originated in Africa.
It is a small petting dog with a crown that closely resembles the hats of qing dynasty officials in ancient China. Introduced to the United States in 1975, it is a petite toy dog, usually no taller than 33cm. Skin color is design and color, have a lot of colors, more commonly have a black bottom to match blue plaque and pink bottom to match coffee plaque.
A rare breed among dogs, crested dogs are distinctive and recognizable. They are hairless except for a few soft bristles on the top of the head, tail, and toes. Their skin is directly exposed, dark, and patchy.

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