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Chinese Chongqing Dog Dog For Sale

Chinese Chongqing Dog is a rare dog breed in the world. It is only found in the neighboring counties of Linshui, Dazu, Hechuan, Guang 'an and the suburbs of Chongqing in the east of Sichuan, China, so it is called East Sichuan Hound. The Chinese Chongqing Dog is also known as the "water dog", "foot dog" and "Wide dog". By the late 1970s, for a variety of reasons, there were very few of them, and most of the survivors were completely unrecognizable. For now, only some of the best dog breeds that have been preserved by Chongqing dog lovers despite the hardships are being rejuvenated by the good policy of reform and opening up, which has made them on the verge of extinction and have produced offspring.

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