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Chi-Chi Dog For Sale

These are adorable little pooches, have an immense attachment to the owner, and a very smart and alert. The most striking feature of this breed is the rectangular body and a wedge or an apple-shaped head resembling their Chihuahua or Chinese Crested parents respectively. Their eyes are bright and round, sometimes almond-shaped. Their neck is to some extent arched making it look long and thin. Some other characteristics are slim shoulders, slender legs, and a curved C-shaped tail. These are super-active cute little beings, often excited wagging their tails unnecessarily.

These hybrid dogs behave very well with the kids and can be left alone at home or in a yard for a longer duration. Some may also suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for an extended period of time (say weeks or months). Chi-Chi is a quick learner and is good at climbing and jumping walls. They also considered being a good watchdog and immediately barked at seeing any stranger.