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Cane Corso Dog For Sale

Cane Corso, which takes its name from the Latin "cohors", the word means "keeper, guardian of cattle". Originating in Italy, Cane Corso is a descendant of the ancient mastiff called the Mollosser, a modified version of the 2,000-year-old Old Italian mastiff. It is an Italian landed dog and is now used primarily as a police dog.

Belong to the standard large fierce dog, temperament, courage, toughness is very strong. This largely modified mastiff was not bred in mainland Italy but in Sicily.
It is a compact mastiff, so it has the explosive power of the mastiff, but at the same time has more endurance than the general mastiff. It was once used mainly to drive cattle to slaughterhouses, where they were eaten for the convenience of butchers. In addition is often used to hunt large wild animals: such as wild boar, agility, quick reaction.
Cane Corso's most glorious history is that he served in the Roman army, escorting their masters to battle on the battlefields.

Today Cane Corso is trained to be an excellent guard dog, loyal to his owner's family and indifferent to strangers. Its natural ability to nurse is excellent, allowing it to accurately identify friends and foes.