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Bowzer Dog For Sale

If you are one that buys a dog for more reasons than just being a pet, you may fall for the Bowzer. That is if after reviewing its positive and negative sides, you will still want it. Any pet, including a dog that lands in your home, should fit and be compatible with all members to avoid major and unnecessary adjustments. In this review, you will discover that the Bowzer, being a hybrid dog, has admirable and irresistible qualities.

The Bowzer is crossbred of Basset Hound and Schnauzer and has inherited the best genes in the two parents. It's a strong and heavy pup, easily identified by its short limbs and a long face like for Basset Hound. Its wiry coat, on the other hand, resembles that of the Schnauzer. What a lovely mix of colors from black, grey, and brown. Another reason to love this breed is what every dog should possess, and that is intelligence. Despite being stubborn at times, he is loyal to the owner, family, and a great companion.