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Borzoi Dog For Sale

Borzoi's ears are thin, pointed, with high root and lean back; Borzoi's neck is clean, and its throat is not fleshy, with a little round arch; its back is horizontal, and you can see beautiful lines; Borzoi's limbs are long and straight, and parallel to each other, and the muscles in the thighs are not always developed; Borzoi's oval feet are very narrow, with rich and powerful toes; Borzoi is long and long The tail is sickle-shaped with a low heel and is covered with very rich tail hair. Besides the long, silky coat of the Russian wolfhound, Borzoi also has a wavy or curly coat that looks better. Borzoi does not have any restrictions on color.  Generally, the coat with thick spots on white background is more.

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