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Border Collie Dog For Sale

The Border Collie, native to the Scottish border, is a kind of Collie. Border Collie has a strong shepherd instinct. It is intelligent by nature, good at observing words and colors, can accurately understand the owner's instructions, and can drive the movement of sheep by looking at it Rotating has been regarded as a shepherd dog for many years, ranking first in the world's dog breed IQ.
The characteristics are smart, strong learning ability, high comprehension, easy to train, good at communicating with the owner, gentle, loyal, good obedience, and its degree of loyalty can be described as a shadow. Because of his gentle and loyal personality, he did not bark and became the most popular pet among the urban population. Moreover, the Border Collie is also the most competitive breed of Frisbee dogs and the protagonist of the Frisbee Dog World Cup competitions over the years.