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Boodle Dog For Sale

A boodle is a designer dog that is a crossbreed of the English Bulldog and Poodle dog breeds. With proper care and nutrition, he can live between 10 to 13 years. He is playful, social, friendly, and barks occasionally. For this reason, he is a popular toy for most dog lovers.

A boodle can bond well with all family members and children of all ages. He shares qualities from both his parents combining the intelligence from the Poodle and the friendly character of an English bulldog. He is super cute, intelligent, and affectionate. A boodle requires exercise and close attention, and this helps in boosting his mental and physical health. Indeed, he is a good friend whom you can feel proud of taking a walk with.

He has different colors, including black, tan, brown, red, and grey, the coat is either a solid color or spotted. His coat is silky, short, and curly or straight, which requires daily brushing to maintain his cuteness. Here we have a comprehensive review of the Boodle. Keep reading.