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Biewer Yorkie Dog For Sale

The Biewer Yorkie is a pure rare breed created by two Yorkshire Terriers. They are energetic, playful, and friendly; these are a few of its best qualities. They are pronounced as “beaver” and also named as Biewer Terrier, Biewer Yorkshire, and Biewer a'la pom on. This lovable small puppy is energetic, they are one of the best fits for the owner living in small houses or apartments. Biewer Yorkie is one of the best companions of children to senior citizens and singles.

They also get along with any other pet, if available at home. They are active and can get noisy if there is a stranger around who they don’t know. They love running and hopping while following their owner in the house. This cute adorable breed also, unfortunately, ends up in rescue and shelter homes, so would recommend adopting one instead of shopping. If you're planning to make this little cuteness of a family member. View Biewer Yorkie puppies for sale and Biewer Yorkie Breeders.

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